Random Thoughts On the First Day of Summer...  

Posted by Matt

...well, actually, it was the first day of summer on Saturday, but I spent it teaching band leadership stuff to some kids. Very fun--makes me think of the sort of thing I want to do for a living--talking about stuff that makes a difference in people's lives--that is, serving and helping and inspiring people to be their best.

...Iron Man melted my face. Excellent graphics. ILM did a better job for John Favreaueueueueueueueueueu than they did for George Lucas--it's very difficult to tell which shots are entirely computer generated and which are composite and which are "real." Robert Downey Jr: = teh awesome. Perfect roll for him, especially considering his real life past, personality, and reputation. Even more astounding was the human performance of Gwyneth Paltrow. I'm not a fan of her at all, but I loved her in this movie. Can't wait to see the sequel with Terrance Howard in the silver "unfinished" suit.

...I love my church, the youth, and the group leaders that volunteer for the kids.

...watched Pasion of the Christ last night; first time seeing it since the theaters. Gotta say that this was a well made, terribly difficult movie to watch. It allows me to realize, viscerally and literally, that Jesus was a man of flesh and blood, with fear, pain, desolate feelings, despair, and loneliness in his final hours. The fact that He paid that and loved even those who drove the spikes home--that He raised the traitorous Peter to be the leader of His church--wow! Doesn't matter what you do or say, Jesus wants you. He's already paid for you, bought you with His blood and His very life. To think...the only thing He wanted for this price was our recognition of His love.

...going to Ireland and England soon. I can't wait. Hope my passport gets here in time. I paid extra to have it expedited, but not sure of its current status. Might have to buy someone off or kill someone off.

...please pray for my wife. She's dealing with some really ratty managers and jerks at her job. It's been God's intervention that I haven't been there for some of these interactions. Not only would I be asking God and those folks for forgiveness, I'd have to call one of you for bail money. :(

...love you, guys. Thanks for reading. Maybe I'll get some interesting stuff up here soon, rather than just a semi-daily journal.


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