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I'll be fleshing out my thoughts on my blog for a while here, at least, regarding the process I'm going through--that is, trying to figure out if I want to remain a high school English teacher, or find something else to do.

Feel free to provide feedback, but don't be offended if I don't comment on your comments. If I do, I'll probably email you. Otherwise, I'm trying to let people respond to me on my blog without much risk / pressure.

Anyhow, you'll see me waffle, think aloud, say some stupid, misguided, or confused sounding things--that's me, right now. All of the above. About as retarded as Hellen Keller in a sharp shooting contest.

So...anyone know any professions where I can talk, say things that I find important, get paid to learn and read and create a blog, make some phone calls, think of interesting things to get people to do, talk about Jesus, do what I can to help people live better lives, and be up in front of an audience a lot to entertain them and offer cool thoughts?


you could always make up a position and pitch it to a large corporation... that kind of thing happens all the time doesn't it?

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