Sleeping In...  

Posted by Matt


I don't sleep in often and I'm reminded why, this Saturday morning.

My back and neck are killing me.

The sunlight isn't slanting across my office in glorious beam-like fashion.

The good early morning news isn't on.

I can't get any pvp honor points in WoW because since by now, all the moronic Alliance teeny-boppers have awoken and signed on (spastically hitting all shiny objects and not employing strategy and team work to win).

Said nifty slanting light from the sun is not slanting and therefore isn't highlighting the altogether Foldger's-esque vapor whisps rising from my coffee cup.

I lost a good three hours of my Saturday to being oblivious.

Not like I get up at the butt-crack of dawn to get out there and mend the fences, feed the chickens, run seven miles, plow the back forty, and read the newspaper...but I do like to be awake and aware for three hours more of my one, truly free day of the week.

I like sleep, just like anyone else, but I don't want to sleep my life away. I'll get enough rest once I'm dead.

Time to get going--meeting Kenny for Waffle House and then Iron Man (yes, 2-3 weeks late seeing it).


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