A Sparse Week...  

Posted by Matt

...but nonetheless, a busy one.

A GREAT band camp week at Ola High--the kids were rocking it and melting face (in the way only band geeks can).

I got to see some faces last night I haven't seen in a long time (sadly). I love hanging out with and talking with the Holmes family. Their daughters--former students of mine--Merril and Rachel are in town and I got to speak with mom and dad, too. Those girls don't know how to sit still, which is awesome. Both are beautiful, talented, friendly, and SMART.

God has been laying a few lessons on my heart this week, amid all the business. A few of those things:

--Jesus wants me to tell people about Him, not just so they can go to Heaven, but so He gets the sovereign praise He deserves. As we struggle to live our lives in a Christ-like way and as our evangelism suffers, God is being robbed of His glory.

--before I ever get to be a pastor or help plant a church or become a great volunteer at a church, I need to be the pastor of my first church--my family. I can't tend to Jesus' flock until I am a good pastor and leader for my own wife and daughter(s).

I'll leave you with a video I ganked from Lisa. I REALLY enjoyed this series (make sure to continue through all 8 or 9 from the YouTube site).


The Guild series on U-Tube is amazing, I love it! The chick with the red hair is hot. Why are chicks like Willow from Buffy, and Codex from the Guild hot? I think we just found a new thesis topic. Seriously. Doesn't Bladez remind you of Newtype? LOL

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