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It's late at night...or...just 11:44 PM and it feels late because I'm still sleep deprived from teaching at DMA for the last five days and I have a moronic combination of beer and coffee in my blood stream at the moment...and I've stared, comatose, at World of Warcraft for two hours without blinking.

Suffice it to say, I've got stuff to say, just not a lot of motivation to get to it at the moment.

I plan to see Hellboy II with Kenny tomorrow; never saw the first one (because it looked uninteresting), but I'm looking forward to this one (because it looks very interesting). The visuals are stunning--here's hoping the story and the and characters are worth something.

I've been listening a lot to Marc Driscoll and watching his youtube posts--the guy pulls no punches and speaks with a.) the kind of authority most pastors wish they had and b.) the kind of authority most pastors aren't ready to receive.

What are your thoughts on Flickr? Kenny and a few others are fans of it. I just don't see a lot of use for it, unless you are a.) stuck at a computer all day and have to keep in touch with people (that neurotically and that often) via mainly the internet b.) wear a lot of wi-fi wearable tech and keep in touch with people via mainly the internet or c.) are nuerotically in need of knowing what someone is doing every few minutes of the day (which describes a few ex-girlfriends, a friend's mom's attitude toward him, and the NSA).

I always have the sneaking suspicion that I don't take full advantage of the cool options on my cell phone, my mp3 player, my email, and Blogger. What cool things can I do that I'm not doing already?

I finally checked Facebook for like, the first freaking time in an assload of ages. Several people from high school found me and asked to be friends. If any of you old friends are reading (now that I shamelessly asked you to come here and read), what the hell are you doing, spending even a nanosecond of your valuable life thinking of Matt Ford, some oddity from high school? Wait...forget I questioned it. I'm flattered. Welcome to my blog and thanks for being a friend again, even if it is only over the interweb.

Finally...Jesus has been chewing on my brain a lot lately--and my heart. Thins are looking pretty confusing and scary, especially if I'm looking in the direction He wants me to look. Confusion can be pretty healthy, since it leads to curiosity, searching, praying, faith, and revelation. As always, pray for me. Pretty vague prayer request for those of you who aren't intimately acquainted with me in real life, but just a quick PPC (prayer post card) to God would be helpful.

Thanks, doodz.


a.) Hellboy II sucked. That was horrible.

b.) I'm a fan of Flickr for other people, I don't really use it much myself. I think it's neat if you're a photography buff, and can be useful for building online community

c.) "assload of ages"?

"swear words are weakened and therefore cheapened when overused for less than extreme emotional content"

:) Couldn't resist.

Oh, and there is a good reason some moms haven't been introduced to social networking. At least that's what I hear.

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