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...this guy needs to get his slow-moving arse in gear. If you haven't checked out the Fire and Ice series, it's the fantasy series for non-fantasy readers. Very historiographical (not a word) and he isn't afraid to kill of a beloved character. Oh, and not every character has gray eyes and lacks memory of his childhood and has been watched over for as long as he can remember by his strange uncle whose name is some derivation of Zeddicus.

...If you like metal and fantasy, try Blind Guardian, a fantasy-metal band. They melt my face.

...my latest work with Adobe After Effects. Based off the intro video and tutorial from Andrew Kramer's amazing, awesome, terrific, and inspiring site.

...I'll post sometime tonight about one of the most informative, thought and heart provoking messages I've heard in a long time. I confess, I'm a newb when it comes to my exposure to Christian speakers (also known as "pastors"). Until recently, Louie Giglio was The Man. Well, I think he still is, but no wonder people also respect and go nuts over what Andy Stanley has to say. Suffice it to say, I've been praying for direction from God lately, and I think He knew EXACTLY which podcast I needed to hear.


I really like Andy Stanley, I ALWAYS learn something from him, and he's a very good communicator.

I'm curious about which message you listed to, the "LOST" series seems to fit with what you're thinking about right now.

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