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...okay, so I won't get all political with this blog.

But, as a Christian, I have to look at the world around me and try to take stock of things. To say that things are looking up or that things are going to Hell in a hand basket, I need information.

This article, if the facts are true--or even close to true, and many of them, regarding America, appear rather self-evident from my own observation of our nation--we may be on the cusp of a world-wide upheaval.

In ancient times--hell, even up to as late as WWI--world-wide upheaval didn't really affect the entire actual world, only the known, influential world that went on to write history books. For example, when the Roman Empire finally died, Japanese, south African, and South American people didn't blink or even know.

But with such a shrunken, globally connected world, with sooooo much integration, commerce, and communication, the next World War will affect directly every nation on the planet.

I think a lot of what the provided article has to show us could be amazing and exciting--revolution of the youth in Georgia and the Ukraine toward a newer, more modern democratic republic or capitalistic society would be outstanding. If the average Joe in China (what's the Chinese equivalent of "average Joe?" The average Chin? Liu?) succeeds in expecting more his government than what Communism can offer, it may very well be painful, but in the long run, I hope and believe, better.

Regardless, I lack the information and clairvoyance to understand and predict where we're headed (sheesh, I have no idea what I'll be doing for a living in a year from now...for real). What I do know is that Christians need to pray. Not for any political or national victory. Not for victory in war. Not even for Christians to have more babies so we can outbreed our "enemies."

We need to pray that in our ever-more foggy future, that Jesus' name is brought renown. God's got a plan, God's got a church, and we want to be in it. In our own community, we need to be praying that Jesus gets a voice that becomes the voice of a community--not to further a political agenda, not to keep people from getting to gamble, not to close down stores that sell dildos, not to protest liquor stores and funerals for homosexuals. Jesus needs a louder, clearer voice to broadcast God's glory, God's message.

What's the word?

Love. Repent of being not Muslim or a pervert or a Republican or a drunk or an abuser or a liar or a Jew. Repent...just realize that your not perfect, no matter what you are.

Accept Jesus' love. Doesn't make you perfect on Earth, but it makes you perfect in God's eyes.

With Jesus' love, the Bible tells us all things are possible--that includes people loving each other, which seems so difficult to get to happen these days.


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