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Posted by Matt

Intemperate. Basically, we could go two routes with my self-imposed description:

1. excessively using / enjoying alcoholic beverages


2. extreme; lacking temperance or moderation

Well...the World sees Christians all over the place. Clean Christians. Sweet Christians. Blessed Christians.

...and plenty of other types of Christians, whose noses I'll probably tweak in the future.

I am an imperfect Christian. I'm a human. I sin, have sinned, and will, sadly, sin more in the future. I'm in FULL-OUT need of salvation, forgiveness, mercy, patience, and grace.

I'm intemperate.

Thank God for Jesus. Literally.

I'm not glorifying my fallen state. I'm not excusing it. I know it will seem like I often celebrate it.

But those aren't my intentions. My intention is to openly admit that I'm imperfect and therefore the kind of person that needs to be and wants to be in church.

I want to be in love with Jesus. I want to have my heart broken for my fellow fallen Man and help Jesus win their hearts.

I'm sure as H - E - Double-toothpicks not going to win hearts by : a.) acting holier than thou b.) acting perfect [which I ain't] c.) pretending like I have no idea of the forgiveness that Men and Women need.

I hope to do what I can in the name of God to show folks that I'm just as real as they are and that if God can love me, He can love you, too.

If you like what I say, woot!

If you hate what I say, I'll pray for you. I hope you pray for me (I need it)...but you probably won't because you're too busy telling me I'm going to Hell.

If you are disturbed or provoked by what I say, even more woot!

I'm just glad you're reading and I hope God grabs you by your spiritual *junk and doesn't let go until you give him your heart.

*spiritual junk = your nutsack


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